Registration Form

  • Participant Information

  • Parent/Guardian

  • Emergency Contact

  • Permission

    China Basketball Sports Club’s insurance coverage does not cover personal injury that is the result of athletic participation. It is most important that you check with your own insurance carrier to be certain that athletic injury of your child would be covered by your own policy.

    By completing this online form I certify that I am the parent / legal guardian of the registered child. My son/daughter has permission to participate in BSU activities. I guarantee that he/she is in good health condition to participate. I also understand that participation may result in personal injury to the Participant and such risks are hereby acknowledged. I fully and willingly accept and assume all risks that may arise out of or result from son/daughter’s participation in BSU activities.

    The undersigned accepts and agrees with CBSC’s policies of (including but not limited to) Registration, Withdrawal, Cancellations, Refunds and Behavior.

  • Emergency Clause

    In the event that the parents and the emergency contact person cannot be reached, I authorize Coach Joel or BSU staff management to act for me according to their best judgments in an emergency requiring medical attention.