Private & small group training

For students/athletes seeking personalized training, Basketball Stars United offers private basketball training, small group basketball training and clinics. You will get exclusive access to our trainers for a personalized approach to basketball skill-building. Sessions are scheduled according to your needs at your preferred location (indoor/outdoor).

Inquire about our training packages and book our coaches at +86 21 3258 0667 or


Get one-on-one learning experience with our trainers in a private training setting. Our coaches are specialists in shooting techniques, ball handling, jump training, core training and athleticism.


Work with small groups of four to six people to develop basketball skills that range from lay-up techniques to developing court awareness. We recommend small group training for boys and girls committed to honing their overall skill, striving for academic success, and developing as quality young men and women.


BSU coaches provide elite basketball training throughout the academic year. These clinics are limited to 12 participants. Contact us at 021-3258-0667 or 180-1762-8706 or for more information about Play Up Clinic (+15 years old), Shooting Stars and more.