Better Shot

BETTER SHOT is a philanthropic action for migrant children. It is a platform where migrant children can meet and learn from professional athletes. Our athletes are dedicated to promoting the basketball tradition and stressing the importance of fitness and health. We encourage children to work hard in school and to get the best of their education. While physical activities do not have a direct relation to schoolwork, they provide individuals with the necessary materials to cultivate their mind and empower them to globalize. 

We believe that basketball is a powerful tool that helps develop mental abilities such as concentration (ability to focus), confidence (believe in yourself), control (ability to maintain emotional control regardless of distraction) and commitment (ability to continue working to agreed goals).

Migrant children are near and dear to our hearts because they are disadvantaged in so many more ways compared to their Shanghai counterparts. These children travel with their parents seeking employment from remote provinces. For a variety of reasons, including residence rights, financial wealth and lower educational standards, many of these students are unable to access the public schools and, instead, their children must attend schools set up especially for migrants. Unfortunately, some of these schools lack funding thus affecting the quality of teaching. On the social scale, most of them have limited access to opportunities such as spending time and being inspired by professional athletes. It is in this vain that we have created this motivational experience for both migrant children & the privileged.


Min Zhu School  – 1149  Zhu Guang Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai 

Our coaching staff is dedicated to train 20 students of the Min Zhu School to help to develop their athletic skills while improving their spoken English skills from November to May. The students have been selected based on their excellent academic record and passion for the game of basketball.

This program is divided in 3 phases including Fitness & Conditioning, Basketball Individual Skills and Teamwork. During the third phase “Team Min Zhu” competes against other basketball teams and has the opportunity to mingle with peers of different background and culture.

Oriental Private School 368 Yu Cai Road, Xujin Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai 

This 18-week program is dedicated to support children of the Oriental Private School and develop their athletic skills while improving their English communication skills. The program starts mid-October and finishes late April. The program is divided in 6-Week Clinics during which CBSC staff and local partners share their experience and passion for sports to 150 students of the third, fourth & fifth grade.