The Founder

Name: Joel Jean-Baptiste

  • Level 1 Certified Trainer
  • French National Basketball League
  • Spanish National Basketball League
  • NCAA Basketball La Salle Exlorers

Joel Jean-Baptiste also known as Coach J is actively involved with the basketball community from youth basketball development to professional organizations in Europe, USA and China. He is also featured on media networks including International Channel Shanghai, CCTV and more. Joel played NCAA for La Salle Explorers and played professionally in Europe.


  • Official member of the Basketball Association of Shanghai


  • Basketball Coach (Shanghai Basketball Association)
  • Basketball & English Program Curriculum (Shanghai Basketball Association)

NBA / GATORADE All-Star Games

  • Camp Director (Dwayne Wayne Basketball Camp)
  • Head Coach (Caron Butler All-Star Game)

Liu Wei Basketball Training Camp (China National Team)

  • Coach

VOIT / Street China Camp & Tour (Top Street Basketball Camp and Tour in China)

  • Team Manager (Scouting and Recruiting)
  • Camp Director
  • Head Coach

USA Basketball Camp (Coach)

  • Billy Hahn Basketball Camp
  • Speedy Morris Basketball Camp
  • Five-Stars Basketball Camp

FRANCE Basketball Camp (Coach)

  • College Jean-Mace
  • Adidas 3X3
  • Reebok Blacktop

Throughout his career, Joel Jean-Baptiste has forged a strong network of relationship in the intercollegiate, high school and school and grassroots basketball communities in Europe, America. Basketball Stars United is endorsed by worldwide basketball professionals; BSU strives to bring together the brightest talents and coaching sides of the industry. We are affiliated with NBA players, NCAA coaches, French national basketball team players and basketballs organizations worldwide.