Q: Who can join BSU?
A: The BSU program has been established for all boys and girls ages six (6) through seventeen (17).

Q: What is the age cut-off?
A: His/ her age on September 1st of the current year will determine the division in which the player will be registered.

Q: Who will coach the teams?
A: BSU provides experienced and well qualified coaches (see coaches’ profiles ).

Q: How are the teams organized?
A: Ideally, we would like to have four divisions:

  • Freshman: 6 to 8 years old 
  • Sophomore: 9 to 10 years old
  • Junior: 11 to 13 years old
  • Senior: 14 to 17 years old

However, depending on the amount of players signed up we may need to make some adjustments.

Q: How are teams formed?
A: We compile information from the registration form (height, grade, etc), data from the coaches’ evaluation forms, and previous basketball playing experience.

Q: Can a player play up an age?
A: Yes, the BSU coaching staff reserves the right to place a player in a division which is older if, in the coach’s opinion, a different placement is in the best interest of the player and the league. 

Q: My child would like to be on a team with his/her best friend or a coach we know.  Can you accommodate these types of requests?
A:  In order to manage competitive play and well balanced rosters we cannot accommodate requests to satisfy carpooling, neighbor, friendship, coaching or other similar requests.

Q: Does the league provide uniforms?
A: Yes, they are included in the registration fee.

Q: What equipment will my child need?
A: Players should wear non-marking basketball or running shoes.  If your child wears dental braces, we recommend that they wear a mouth guard during the game for their protection.  Players with glasses should wear an eyeglass strap to prevent them from falling or being knocked off.

Q: When does the season begin and end?
A: The BSU season follows the International School calendar.

Q: Can parents stay and watch during practices?
A: Because of limited space and time, BSU staff asks that parents do not stay and watch during practices. However, family and friends are more than welcome to come and show their support during weekend games/matches.

Q: Are parents and other fans charges admittance for regular season game?
A: All games are free of charge for everyone.

Q. How do I register my son/daughter to participate in a BSU program?
A: To complete registration print and complete the form, then bring onsite to the practice facility.

Q: How do we get schedules following the registration process?
A: All scheduling details will be provided by email and are viewable at the BSU website.